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The People's Commission of America is a non-governmental organization that believes in the power of collective action and citizen involvement. We are driven by a commitment to uphold the fundamental values of democracy, justice, and equality. 

It is a known fact that some evil politicians in America do not care that most Americans are in pain and suffering. They do not care that they are creating a division that has disrupted our Country and is causing unimaginable and unnecessary degradation of our country. A division that is bringing our Country to a standstill and the worst catastrophe because it is also a known fact that our enemies are using this division as our weakness to invade and disrupt the affairs of our Country which has left most American Citizens worrying for their wellbeing.

If the law is just (as it should be) and serious to protect the “THE PEOPLE” of America (as it should be), then issues like these MUST be taken the most seriously for the sake of our Country, our innocent children, the majority of oppressed Americans, and for all humanity. 

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